U-stamp certification achieved!

With due pride we can inform you that Lasbedrijf Wilderink BV has now been officially U-stamp certified by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

This great achievement and moreover fast realization of obtaining this certificate, is also due to the skills and dedication of all employees of Lasbedrijf Wilderink BV.

Obtaining the U-stamp certificate marks the next step in building a high-quality and technically advanced company.  It enables us to supply you with even greater service and from this stepping stone we will steadily work to achieve our company goals.

The ASME Certification Mark, which is regarded as the hallmark of acceptance and certification, is used to indicate that the stamped item(s) conform to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes (BPVCs).

Utilization of the Certification Mark is a means of complying with the laws and regulations in nearly all U.S. States and Canadian Provinces. In addition, it has been estimated that over 100 countries accept the ASME BPVC as a means of meeting their government safety regulations. 

Whether or not an ASME Code Symbol Stamp is legally required, it provides users with a high degree of confidence that the stamped items conform to established safety standards. 

A certificate will be granted by ASME only after the applicant successfully demonstrates the implementation of their quality program to the ASME review/survey team.

[source: https://www.asme.org/shop/certification-accreditation]

U-stamp certification nearing finish line!

We are ready and prepared, the audit dates are set on 11 & 12 of February 2015. To achieve this our ASME team members worked exceptionally hard to implement the already acquired knowledge and skills in our quality system. Our expectation is that we are able to provide you U-stamp qualified pressure vessels at the end of February.