Lastechniek Wilderink’s clients require quality, short delivery periods, flexibility and reliability. Lastechniek Wilderink’s organisation is geared to substantiate this and continuously makes the effort to improve customer satisfaction for all these aspects. Over the years this has developed into a client oriented and focused organisation that takes pride in its good reputation.

Lastechniek Wilderink adheres to the business processes as stipulated in the ISO 9001 management system, from the moment of the order intake to the moment of delivery. The same applies to the ISO 3834-2 welding quality system which guarantees quality in welding technology. Lastechniek Wilderink is supervised by an accredited inspection body and the welding procedures are regularly audited whereby the organisation as well as the welding procedures are inspected carefully.

Project management

For information, advice and technical issues the client can directly contact a dedicated contact person. Lastechniek Wilderink’s projects are supervised by lead engineers. They are responsible for the progress, guaranteeing quality and the communication with all parties involved. They will also thoroughly analyse the project information provided by the client. Hence, any ambiguities are noted and clarified at an early stage and project risks are mitigated.


Lastechniek Wilderink offers package solutions and works to this end together with permanent and reliable partners. Only certified subcontractors are engaged for processes concerning engineering, PWHT and NDE. Lastechniek Wilderink ensures that the client specifications are integrated optimally and that the required tests and inspections are included in the quality assurance of our permanent partners.

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Processes and Procedures

Lastechniek Wilderink has developed in-house procedures for all internally and externally critical processes. Not only is the method of working prescribed, but also subjects such as quality control and process control. The objective is that a procedure also serves as a quality assurance plan whereby the points below play a central role.

  • Control of procedures and processes
  • Proper integration of client specifications, internal procedures and design codes
  • Proper documentation management

All procedures relate strongly to the in-house ISO 9001 management system.

Project documentation

Lastechniek Wilderink devotes a lot of attention to proper design and manufacturing documentation control. Documentation planning and management are fully synchronised to the nature of the project and are geared to controlling the progress and the status of the project efficiently. The client will have complete availability of all required documents during all phases of the project.