Lastechniek Wilderink continuously invests in good premises and good production facilities to support the activities and to achieve the quality required.

Welding equipment

Lastechniek Wilderink has an extensive array of machinery with modern welding equipment suitable to weld, among other things, different types of carbon and stainless steel, (Super) Duplex, Inconel and Monel.

In order to achieve the objective of always providing reproducible quality, all welding machinery is calibrated periodically according to NEN-EN 50504.

We also have:

  • OP-welding installations to handle products with a diameter up to 3m.
  • Welding manipulators with a maximum load of up to 10t.

Shop floors

Lastechniek Wilderink has modern well ventilated and lit shop floors of a total area of 3000m2.

In order to guarantee the durability of stainless steel the production hall has been divided as a result of which carbon and stainless steel can be processed separately.

Products with a mass up to 10t can be processed in the shop floor area.

 DSC01582 foto Stainless Steel afdeling foto Carbon Steel afdeling

Test and inspection hall

Hydrostatic tests and proof load tests are done in a location specially set up for this purpose. Only calibrated equipment is used here, among which a digital time/pressure registration system.

The inspections and offtakes also usually take place here.

IMG_0577 IMG_1015 DSC03340


Assembly, in particular skid construction is done entirely separately from the production. To this end Lastechniek Wilderink has a building with all the required facilities.