Welcome to Lastechniek Wilderink


Lastechniek Wilderink executes certified welding activities, creating high quality products for clients. To this end Lastechniek Wilderink has mastered the ASME and ISO welding procedures, the welding company is ISO 3834-2 and ASME U certified and the production department has modern facilities.

Craftsmanship, top quality and price awareness have been at the core of Lastechniek Wilderink since 1995. The welding activities will continue to distinguish themselves in these areas by means of specialized innovation processes and technology. When doing so a devoted team of specialists with a passion for their field of expertise is always ready to provide professional tailor made services. Hereby always focusing on applying time efficient and cost reducing welding processes.

Lastechniek Wilderink’s clients look for quality, short delivery periods, flexibility and reliability. Lastechniek Wilderink’s organisation is geared to substantiate this and continuously makes the effort to improve customer satisfaction in these aspects. Lastechniek Wilderink’s management system is ISO 9001 certified.