A team of qualified welders with a passion for their field of work accomplish a large variety of projects under the supervision of a skilled welding engineer. These welding specialists possess in-depth knowledge and experience to make the appropriate preparations for every specific welding technique. Essential to achieve the required quality at a low cost.

Welding procedures

In order to compose and weld products from different types of steel, Lastechniek Wilderink is certified in and has mastered over a hundred ASME IX and ISO-15614 qualified welding procedures. The specialists have advanced machinery at their disposal with all the supporting facilities for a controlled welding process.

Qualified welding methods

  • GTAW   / 141 (TIG welding)
  • FCAW   / 136 (MIG/MAG welding with flux-cored wire)
  • GMAW   / 135 (MIG/MAG welding)
  • SAW     / 121 (OP welding)
  • STT

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